Hides the Dock. Automatically.

IntelliDock hides the Dock when it's overlapped by a window.

For Homebrew user: brew install intellidock
IntelliDock - Intellihide for macOS' Dock | Product Hunt

Configurable sensitivity.

Adjust the distance at which the Dock starts to hide itself.


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IntelliDock + Grid.

Grid is a window manager that works well with IntelliDock.

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Frequently Asked.

Why is IntelliDock not on the App Store?

IntelliDock needs to access system API to hide & show the Dock. This prevents it from being available in the App Store.

What is your privacy policy?

I do not collect any user data from the app.

My window manager app doesn't work well with IntelliDock. What are my options?

You can use Grid as your window manager. It's designed to work well with IntelliDock. See here.

What are the system requirements?

OS X 10.10 and higher.